Your Go-To Agency For Your Insurance Needs

Your Go-To Agency for All Your Insurance Needs

About Castillo & Associates

Castillo & Associates Insurance was started over 25 years ago.

Our founder’s experiences shaped their view of the importance of insurance.

A sudden illness, loss of homes, disabilities, or car accident can wipe a family future or opportunities.

Being insured with the right plan is key.

Insurance carriers are carefully selected to offer you a variety insurance carriers that are highly rated at a price that is best for you.

Our mission to educate our clients throughout the insurance process so they receive the benefits of the plan they purchased.

During life challenges, when you call, we will be there.

Our goal is simple…

Become your trusted insurance partner

Castillo Associates offers:

  • Life Insurance Term life and permanent (Individual and Group)
  • Health Insurance (Individual and Group)
  • Medicare (Supplements and Medicare Advantage)
  • International Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance (Individual and Group)
  • Vision Insurance (Individual and Group)


Understanding Universal Life Choices

There are four categories of universal life insurance, which are 1) standard non-guaranteed; 2) non-lapse guaranteed; 3) indexed, and; 4) ...
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