Group Health & Benefits

Group Health & Benefits

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Group Insurance

Thank you for your interest in Group Insurance. Castillo & Associates Insurance has served many groups throughout Arizona. Our bilingual team is ready to find the right plan for your business! Providing the right coverage for your employees is a responsibility and a huge benefit for your team. We provide proposals from multiple companies to find you the best coverage for your employees.

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What are the key factors to consider when providing health benefits to your employees?

As an employer, a balanced cost efficiency while maintaining value of your employees health benefits is key. We provide plan design modeling to show you the impact of any change before you decide.

How is Castillo Associates unique in providing proposals and support for employee groups?

We offer a plan design modeling to show you the impact of a change before making a decision. We provide an array of just in time benefit information for you to share with your employees throughout the year. Lastly, at every renewal cycle we utilize mid year projections for budgeting and plan and provide plan renewal cost independent of the carrier.