Individual Insurance

Individual Insurance

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Individual Insurance

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It can be difficult figuring out your health insurance!

We are here to help you through the Affordable CARE act maze and the numerous changes in the individual health insurance industry. It can be difficult to figure out the insurance process but our team is ready to help you through the application and claim process.

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What do I need to consider when choosing individual health insurance?

There are many factors to discuss when choosing and individual health insurance. For example here are two:


  • Do you want to keep your doctor or are you open to change depending on plan?

Health Status:

  • Do you require frequent medical attention throughout the year or do you seldom see the doctor except for preventative or emergency issues.

These are two of the many factors we discuss with you be better explore all you options for health insurance.

At what age, are my children no longer covered on my health insurance?

The day your child turns 26 years old, they are no longer able to be covered on your insurance. We can however explore options such as the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) if they are not employed.